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Seems 4chins-inspired. Like one massive global thread. Could you add the ability to cross-reference comments on the same site, like >>000555 style? I also saw a chan once where you could see a post being typed live, the person could edit one line at a time or something and then once enter was pressed it became permanent and seeable on the thread, even before he had finished typing the rest. Could maybe be neat. Your whole theme/style/motif/whatever could be a Twitter-esque fast-paced microblogging link sharing and shit in the spirit of old imageboards.
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Thanks for the suggestions, this was an easily attainable feature and has been implemented into PATSR. It is not quite the same feel as the 'live posting' talked about in the second referenced post but it is the closest it will get to it. If you click on ANY POST it will then show all the replies/mentions of it below.
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