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I see how that might be confusing with the reply section - I shall put that on my list of things to do to this site :]

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Not going to happen
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That would be too much liability on the hosts' end - do not want to host something that I did not approve, requiring external hosting for images, LIKE REDDIT! :D But if you want to fork this project and create your own version with hosting of images, go ahead:
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Replies / Comments are Live!
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Thanks for the suggestions, this was an easily attainable feature and has been implemented into PATSR. It is not quite the same feel as the 'live posting' talked about in the second referenced post but it is the closest it will get to it. If you click on ANY POST it will then show all the replies/mentions of it below.
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Welcome To PATSR!
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PATSR is an anonymous social network. To get started, create a new Image or Text post using the buttons above. Include tags if you want the post to be easily found later on! Like a post? Save the URL and share with others. That's about it!
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